Putting the kids to sleep is like fighting a battle every night. After having a tiresome day, when you come back home the first thing that comes to your mind is to let your children sleep. Bed time stories have often come to the rescue as these help the kids to fall asleep easily. Psychologists have put forward the opinion that telling bed time stories to kids increase their imagination power and also relax the mind.

It is the time for the parents to understand that the kids too have hectic day and stories act as stress busters for them. Young children, especially toddlers are very much active throughout the day and getting them to sleep in the right time can be very challenging for the parents. But making these kids listen to stories that carry some message dissipates the energy within them and they settle down for the better.

Kids and bed time stories have an undisputed bond within them. While bed time stories have become a tradition in almost every household, children also seek for these as stories are imaginative and fun to listen. Parents on the other hand get some extra time with their kids during the night.

There are several benefits of bed time stories and so many reasons why you should make the habit of this ritual on a regular basis. Some of them are listed below:

  • Relaxation. After a hectic day, bed time stories soothe the minds of the young ones. They tend to relax and settle down for the day.
  • Moral Values. There are certain stories that will send some moral lesson to your kids. While few stories are amusing, few can set up examples for kids so that they can learn more in life.
  • Bonding. Making bed time stories read to your child will enhance the relationship between you and your kid. Eventually your kid will fall for your companionship and enjoy being with you.
  • Good night Sleep. A sound sleep is highly required for the young minds as they are hyper active and heavily energetic. Apart from the bodily actions which they do throughout the day, their mind also keeps cultivating. Therefore gaining them that sound sleep is required, which can be accomplished through bed time stories.
  • ComprehensionChildren’s imagination can be enhanced by the help of these stories. While you read out stories to the young ones, they start building their own innovation which in turn increases their comprehensiveness.
  • Learning to love books. Books are your kid’s best friends. They need to get accustomed to variety of good books which will give them adequate knowledge and amusement at the same time. These stories will enhance the children’s ability to love their books.

These are few of the benefits of making the children listen to stories. There are various other ways by which they develop as a whole and accept the facts of life.

It is not unfathomable that there come certain cons with every good thing. While bed time stories are actually your best friends and can help you ease out your work to a large extent, there are certain things which need to be taken care of.

Young children are like raw clay and whatever you try to put them in their minds they grasp it in the same way. It is always important to check and revise for the contents of the stories you make them listen. The sub conscious mind of kids keep on playing those images which you recited them; therefore the use of proper language and right content of the story should be checked.

Certain negative words can bring about powerful hypnotic changes within the minds of the young ones and hence hamper their personality when they grow. So sending positive, empowering and optimistic messages to their minds through short stories can be fun and knowledgeable at the same time. The benefits of bed time stories can be extracted from different kinds of story lines from good books and even from your own thoughts.


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