High Blood Pressure is turning to be a major problem these days. Many people are suffering from high BP these days. Increasing work pressure and competition to stay ahead of others is a major reason behind high BP. However, there are many other several reasons behind this. The lifestyle of people in big cities plays an equal role in serving high blood pressure problems.

You can’t change your lifestyle and also can’t always depend on medicines for lowering your blood pressure. Therefore, we are bringing you some beneficial tips for lowering blood pressure without medication.

Tips to lower Blood Pressure:

  • Loose extra weight from your body: Blood pressure increases with your weight. More the weight more will be the blood pressure problem. Losing just few kilograms can help you in lowering BP. You should refer to your doctor for knowing the safe weight for yourself.
  • Work out regularly: One should spend at least 45 minutes for workout. Physical activities help a lot in lowering your blood pressure. But you should check out with your doctor first whether he/she suggests restrictions on your exercise routine.
  • Plan a healthy diet: You should have a healthy diet for the day including healthy vegetables, fruits, grains and dairy products. Your food chart must contain essential nutrients and vitamins that help in reducing your blood pressure. You should also take care that your food chart should avoid Sodium as much as you can. Reducing the amount of Sodium or common salt can help in lowering your blood pressure a lot.
  • Avoid smoke, alcohol and tobacco: You should try to quit alcohol, tobacco and smoke as much as you can. However, if you are a heavy user of them, you should try to limit their usage. Alcohol anyway in small amount can help in lowering your blood pressure. But it is not advisable to start drinking alcohol for lowering your blood pressure.
  • Avoid consuming caffeine: You should try to avoid consuming caffeine as much as you can. Drinking beverages that contain caffeine can increase your blood pressure.
  • Learn to stay happy: You should learn to stay happy as it really helps in lowering your blood pressure. Get yourself busy in activities which make you feel happy. Tension and stress is not considered good for people suffering from high blood pressure problem. Take yoga and meditation classes for fighting with the tension and stress in your life. Meet your friends and relatives often for the same.
  • Monitor your Blood pressure rate: You should monitor and note down your blood pressure at regular intervals. Take the notes with you to the doctor on the next visit. Talk to your doctor about it.
  • Visit doctor regularly: You should visit to a doctor regularly. He/she will help you a lot by sharing many more ways for lowering your blood pressure. Don’t hesitate and clear all your doubts about blood pressure with your doctor. You must follow his diet chart and daily routine for lowering your blood pressure.


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