Love him too much to breakup before he leaves the city and know that it’s going to be hard to manage a successful long distance relationship? Well then don’t give up! Be confident that your love is strong enough to deal with this phase of life as well. Agreed, some say the whole concept is a sham and there is no such thing as a successful long distance relationship. I for one disagree because I have seen many such relationships work out in my peer group and personal life as well.

Here are few tips to get you started:

  1. Stay in touch; be it online or on the phone, consistent contact is necessary. This helps you monitor other’s crushes, talk about third person contacts etc. When you stay out of the loop of each other’s lives you end up spoiling the relation because it means your goal is unguarded or you the goal keeper are on a vacation.
  2. Care for each other, be it your 3 month anniversary or birthday make sure your other half celebrates it with you. When she is not well send her roses and offer words of comfort. Understand that you are the sole responsible person in times of wellbeing or otherwise. 
  3. Send gifts and cards. It makes your significant other realize that they still hold an important position in your life and they hold a constant presence in your thoughts. Such actions comfort you in times of disdain and thus are a must in any relationship.

Apart from this you can counsel each other and sort out the petty issues. It is of utmost importance to face and solve long distance fights. Many couples don’t do this and the successful ones I spoke about earlier are those who did this suitably. Articulation and talking about comfort zones is the first step to success. Dealing with and mending long distance breakups is not such a tough task after all. Let us consider a small success story of one of my friends; he had a girlfriend in New Delhi and was in the US for a semester abroad. They stayed in touch constantly and it worked out fine.

However the ride wasn’t smooth, he made the first error by getting involved with an American in the very first week of his foreign trip. He confessed and she expressed concern and wanted to break up, however she got attracted to a guy at college and started dating without informing my friend. It got worse when she broke up with him and my friend found out from a third person that his girlfriend just came out of another relationship. However both of them talked it out and were mature enough to forgive each other and get back together. They are happily married and have two amazing kids today.

So in the end there isn’t a mantra for every case, that itself is the mantra. It is as flexible as jelly and it can be crafted by any lover pure at heart. All one must realize is that he should avoid lies and expect the same from the partner too only then can one consummate a relation. Also understand what works for one couple may not work for you.

Often it is seen that long distance fights and long distance break ups are tough to deal with or mend as physical presence of your lover is absent. It’s not possible to just give her a hug and get going. Hence, you got to work a bit harder when it comes to sustaining a long distance. Here are some solutions to mend long distance break ups. The foremost thing that you should do is chuck your ego and realize that after all you get to live life once and if it worked out for you on one occasion, something must have certainly been right between you two. So get off your back and go ahead and make amends. You can accentuate your love by using the following tips to solve long distance fights: 

  1. Send a surprise gift; chocolates with roses do the trick!
  2. Travel a long distance to see your other half, sometimes a smile can erase all bad images and restore new hope.
  3. Go the traditional way write a romantic love letter with poems and send it in with a box of goodies like your buddy’s favorite snack!

Finally the best part about any relationship is mutual respect, love is certainly a quintessential to successful long distance relationships, but respect according to me it is respect that makes or breaks a relation. So respect the needs of your partner and you will end up living a happy life with a cool relationship. Be happy and content with what you have. A bird in hand is certainly worth two in the bush!

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