Had a fight last night with your partner? Well, break ups can get pretty rough at times and may not end on a good note. It often leads to depression, mood swings and stress. However, if you are willing to move on and get over your heartache, you are at the right place. Following are the few simple things we often overlook that may be the exact remedy for your broken heart:

  1. Think over but being obsessive is simply not an answer

Thinking about your relationship day in and day out? Think and ponder carefully, but do not let your mind get obsessive with it. Try finding the reason behind your break up even if you think there is none. Remember the good times you enjoyed together, but eventually the relationship is not about one person but both. If either one is unhappy, no matter what it will eventually end.

  1. What happened happened!! 

What’s the point in fretting over the thing that already happened? Do not bargain with your relationship, it’s over and now it is time to get over it. It may not be that easy as it sounds but keeping  a hope of getting back in to the same relationship will not going to help you. Acceptance is a virtue in any case and especially in this situation. If you can’t stop your mind wandering to your ex at least try thinking about good moments and any ways nobody is perfect, there may be some negatives about your ex. Remember them, I am sure you it will help you out.

  1. Please mind the gap

Hey, you may be friends from now on, but that’s no reason good enough to meet your ex so soon after the break up. Not just in person, even try avoiding the social networking sites, text messages, e-mails, phone calls and any other communication source for a while. This may not be the permanent solution to your heart break but it will definitely help you grow stronger and grow equally strong willpower. You must make an effort to distance yourself from your ex. It is certainly easier said than done to achieve this but it is a must. Many counselors and psychologists suggest a 60 days no contact policy. This will give enough time to an individual to evaluate his or her feelings. 

  1. Face it, don’t deny it!!

One of the sure shot way to come out of break up is “Don’t ever deny the situation, rather face it.”  Denying the break up will only hurt you more; not now then later. You are aware in your sub conscious mind about the break up, but that will not ease out your pain, you need to convince yourself about the situation and trust me, the sooner the better!!

  1. Try being a social animal again

Isolation will not solve your problem of loneliness. In fact too much relationship dependency on your ex partner may make you feel that the whole world has fallen apart. But do not forget your friends, family and loved once, they are always there for you. Socialize with them, go out and let them pamper you. Indulge in other areas of your interest such as reading, shopping, and art, whatever keeps you happy.

  1. Spill out your emotions

Express your feelings. Do not let them be suppressed inside you. This very simple yet effective way can take away your worry without your knowing. And it is ok to cry out your heart sometimes. According to studies, even writing down your feelings has a soothing effect on your mood. Give yourself some time to grieve!

  1. Cleaning is good once in a while

Looking at the old pictures and token of love by your ex could by highly depressing. Get rid of the pictures and the gifts by your partner and make the room once again yours. Although you can eat the chocolates if you want!! Keeping an optimistic approach will tell you that a break up means a new beginning. And the bonus point is, with less of mess you get some more of space your personal space. Give your room a new look by redecorating it, put up some new posters and in the end feel better.

  1. Remember the negatives

Try and recall all that you hated in your lover; may be things or habits that completely turned you off. It helps to accentuate the feeling of ‘good riddance to bad rubbish’. However, do not indulge in this thought process in a hateful manner. Do these only till the point where they make you feel good about yourself. 

  1. Engage and divert

Get involved in different activities. Find a hobby that interests you. Learn a new skill, think of setting up a new business or joining a new organization. It is important to use your energy in the right direction which will lead to an overall growth. Besides, being involved in something and utilizing all your time in it refrains you from thinking about your ex. 

  1. Pamper Yourself

Go shopping, eat out and indulge in yourself. Go ahead and pamper the hell out of you and you will feel a sudden rush of positivity and glee! 

According to a research, frequent break ups can lead to emotional as well as physiological pain which can further deteriorate your health. I really hope these simple yet effective remedies helped you to retain your good health and rebound your mood.

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