Food is an integral part of every person’s life. Advertisements, fast foods, restaurants, bars and television commercials have added extra spark to our regular food habits. Our food habits changes with our lifestyle and pattern of living. Owing to too much work pressure in our work field we often forget to take care of the minimal nutrients that our body requires. The food is good until it is pleasurable. Anything that satiates our taste buds is a good food according to our mindset. Fast moving lifestyle is yet another reason why we are getting closer to fast and junk foods. Health hazards of eating such foods are many and it is aggravated with the prolong consumption of such foods over a regular period of time. The entire idea behind writing up this piece is to make you vis-à-vis with few foods that we consume knowingly or unknowingly and deteriorate our own health. Below is a list of 10 worst foods that we take in our regular diets:-

#1 French Fries:-

These are well acknowledged taste enhancers. Often we munch on these fried potatoes when we are out for a movie with friends or just bumming around in house. French fries are known to contain toxins as dangerous as carcinogens. The substantial amount of Trans fat found in French fries let you love it for a certain period, but severe health hazards follows in through its regular consumption. Experts say, even small amount of French fries consumed on a regular basis leads to severe ailments in due course of time.

#2 Margarine:-

High in calories and filled with loads of Trans fats, margarine is often used in our kitchens as a special ingredient. Obesity, rise in cholesterol level, heart disease and even cancer are the noted diseases that follows in after the consumption of margarine for prolonged period.  

#3 Ice creams:-

There is nothing much to say about this dessert as everyone having a sweet tooth definitely loves to have it. Ice cream also has loads of fats that lead to weight gain.

#4 Processed meats:-

Processed meat is inorganic in nature and contains large quantities of sodium nitrate and monosodium glutamate (MSG). Sausages, bacons, hot dogs, sandwich meat, burgers, salami, pepperoni, nuggets, packed ham are all prepared from processed meat. Increased blood pressure, heart disease, risk of colorectal kidney, diabetes, stomach disorder and pancreatic cancer are the ailments one could face.

#5 Commercial peanut butter:-

Hydrogenated oil and fructose corn syrup are added to commercial peanut butter which makes it an unhealthy choice of food. These insalubrious additives deteriorate health in many aspects. A good choice over artificial peanut butter is natural peanut butter that can be easily prepared at home.

#6 Soda Drinks:-

Often when we are thirsty and feel like losing energy, we go for soda drinks. These are carbonated non-alcoholic beverage which contains high fructose level and caffeine that increases blood sugar level in body.

#7 Whole Milk:-

Skimmed milk is a better choice over whole milk as the amount of fat present in the later is 3.7% more than that in skimmed milk. 

#8 Doughnuts:-

Western countries sell doughnuts as a regular breakfast and Tiffin items in the shops. The high content of sugar, calorie and fats undoubtedly add to the delectable taste of the doughnut but has several adverse effects.

#9 Frozen Foods:-

Fast paced lifestyle has made us to go for stored frozen foods which are available commercially. Frozen food items contain high amount of preservatives that are hazardous to health. Junk foods are so named because of its tangy taste and little nutrient value. Fast foods are often termed as junk foods. These are tasty but have adverse effect on health. 

#10 Pork Crackles:-

High salt and fat content are loaded into pork crackles, which are very bad for those who are health conscious. This is highly salted fatty part of the pig skin, very scrummy yet dangerous.

Different types of grubs we consume regularly have different effects. Therefore food should be eaten keeping health as a matter of concern. Even though we cannot avoid every unhealthy food, we can try at least to avoid the few worst foods mentioned above and follow a nutritional food habit. 

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