More often than not, one ends up faltering on his first date. This leads to stress and emotional breakdown one must prevent this from happening by using some simple measures. The following are few of these mantras so you end up having a pleasant experience and your date is impressed. In most of the cases it is the little quirks that matter the most and the person of the opposite gender might feel offended or turned off by such practices which may seem trivial to ones’ self. Moving on we first look at what to do on a first date.


  1. The first do on a first date is surprise your date. Give him/her a gift which will make the moment all the more special. A big bar of chocolate, flowers or anything romantic would do. Make sure your other half enjoys this thoroughly and you score high points and the impression builds brilliantly.
  2. The next do would be smile. A pleasant expression is always something which goes down as a positive sign. Your radiance and brilliance add to the ambiance and the mood become romantic. You seem interested and it’s like you are here because you want to and have not been forced to undergo this date. A date should have the perfect flow, it is not a business transaction characterized by constant head nods and erratic eye movement, it is the marriage of two souls.
  3. Humor. Good jokes always work they can be served as ice breakers and ease the tension. Don’t overdo it or do not do it all if it won’t work for you. Only several people can handle it and thus you should not try if you are bad. There is nothing to be ashamed of in this and you can flush with pride later if you play your cards right.
  4. Compliment. Tell your other half how brilliant he/she looks. This is the best way to start off acknowledging how pretty someone looks sends in a emotional flow that is bound to keep them happy for a considerable amount of time.
  5. Touch. A gentle prod or touch on the hand is always advisable. It shows you are comfortable in getting closer to your partner and make it polite so the gesture is not misunderstood. Make sure you do not make it seem like you are making a move or else the entire premise of exchange niceties is destroyed then and there.
  6. Music. Make sure you pick out a place with brilliant music to set the tone. There is no better mood setter or mood changer like music and thus this should seek prime precedence. 


  1. Don’t make snide remarks as to what should have been the situation and what it is now. People hate the cynical nature unless it is constructive criticism. Avoid pointing out blemishes and glitches and try to look at the bright side of things. You have to come out looking brilliant on this date for any further contact and communication.
  2. Don’t irritate the opposite person with bad jokes which have poor timing. Insensitivity is the first threat to a breaking relationship and a first date or any other for that matter is ruined because of this. We do not want to collapse what we have built upon so far.
  3. Don’t seem uninterested at any point. Texting or attending phones is considered very rude by any standards. Mostly try to be involved in the date by making some sort of conversation.
  4. Don’t boast about yourself. Yes you need to know each other but don’t make yourself seem very important. Be humble and you should have your way. Tell the other person about yourself in a positive manner but make sure you do not overdo it. Do not over do is the first mantra to success on a first date

So keeping these pointers in mind you should do fine. Take a deep breath and relax because this is not a war or a life changing exam. Dates come and go, to be honest if the person really loves you she will not care about your quirks. But there are some instances you want to impress someone badly because you are madly in love with them. In this case to win them over follow the guidelines. Do remember you will only be happy with the one who likes you for what you are though, but this doesn’t mean you should stop behaving on your first date


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