Life’s biggest pleasures lie within the diet we consume. From mood swings to health plans, food has been a vital component of most of our life activities. Some such food items, known as aphrodisiacs, arouse sexual desire within humans. These foods provide a healthy and satisfactory sex life. And a list of such erotic food products is as follows:

  1. ALMONDS: This tasty dry fruit is an aphrodisiac which enhances fertility. It is also said that the whiff of almonds turns on the women in particular. Besides the erotic naughtiness, almonds are a rich source of Vitamin E, Magnesium and Fiber. These little sensual seeds are sure to set your night on mood.
  1. BANANAS: Bananas are phallic which make them an aphrodisiac quite easily. The nutrients such as Potassium and Vitamin B not only enhance your health but assist the growth of your sex hormones. Bananas are known to maintain normal blood pressure. Also, they are rich energy sources. So, this power house is a must before you go for it.
  1. AVOCADOS: Named as the ‘Testicle Tree’ by some, this aphrodisiac is rich in vitamin B6. And that isn’t just a nutrient but a amplifier in the production of the male hormones. The Potassium in it controls the thyroid gland in women which, sort of, makes you look good. Additionally, they also enhance the immune system. Grab this creamy fruit to lure your mate into a heavenly take away.
  1. CHILLI PEPPER: These red little naughty aphrodisiacs discharge endorphins which set your erotic factor high. Unlike other hot aphrodisiacs, chilies contain capsaicin which kindles the nerves and raises the pulse. These magical food spices will make you go hot and happening. Add this into your food and watch the romance bloom like roses.
  1. CHOCOLATE: Chocolate is undoubtedly the king of aphrodisiacs. Not only is it romantic to gift chocolates to your mate but eating this bad boy makes you passionate too. The presence of phenylethylaminea (the love chemical) and theobromine effects your brain and turns you on with a tinge of excitement and satisfaction. Cocoa carries tryptophan, another stimulator for your neurotransmitters. This sensual treat works best for the special night.
  1. FIGS: This aphrodisiac’s inside resembles the female genitals. If that doesn’t turn you on, watch your partner eat it sensually in front of you. Having some connections with the ancient history, these fruits symbolize love and fertility. This arousing stimulant is sexy looking and definitely works its charm once you put it to your lips.
  1. OYSTERS: Commonly referred as the sexiest food since the ancient history, this aphrodisiac is sure to turn you all erotica. The richness of Zinc enhances the growth of testosterone which is good for the female libido as well. The Omega-3 removes depression and give you the happy feel. Try some raw oysters with a glass of vintage champagne to impress your partner.
  1. TRUFFLES: Even though a bit of an exclusive item, these aphrodisiacs are sure to raise your romantic meter high. There exoticness is one factor that may arouse the interests of particular women. Not just the truffles but the truffle oil is also believed to do the trick. Put a dash of oil over your pasta or spaghetti and turn down the lights to set the mood right.
  1. HONEY: This golden, sweet and sexy aphrodisiac contains boron, a very rare mineral which is believed to enhance the female sex hormone, estrogen. It also endorses sex drive and orgasms in both males and females by augmenting testosterone in the blood. Honey also contains vitamin B and other nutrients that are essential for the testosterones. Get this golden sticky delight down your throat and watch the magic happen.
  1. WINE: This liquid aphrodisiac is designed to go weak in your knees. Drinking wine in the right proportions does the trick. Daily consumption of wine, especially red wine, can send you to the wonderland quite too often! Sometimes, all that is needed is its scent. Besides that, it enhances your libido and turns your mood on. This aphrodisiac works best when on a date or dinner.

‘What we eat is what we become’. This quote stands true not just for your health and body but also for your pleasure life. Try out these amazing and nutritious aphrodisiacs and turn your life more blissful and magical without any side effects.


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