There is an age old connection between yoga and psychological well being of humans. Yoga is beneficial not only for the health of the body but also one of the most promising exercises for stabilizing the emotional well being. Our craving for obtaining the ultimate truth of life and gaining the right kind of attitude towards living it perfectly is fulfilled through yoga.

 Anxiety, anger, fear, jealous, complexities and depression are few of the humanly characteristics which can never be separated from our souls and mind. However, the over intensification of such emotions might led to a disastrous ending and ultimately lead our lives into total depression. Sometimes the feeling of being alone or more precisely, being left out alone leads to several depression levels which becomes incurable through the passing days. To come out from such situations, there might be a requirement of an entire lifetime. Through yoga, one can learn to control such emotions though not fully but certainly to a very large extent. Mindfulness is the first thing which is taught to the yoga practitioners at an early stage of practicing. Being mindful and paying concentration to whatever you are now in present is the first essence of yoga.

The benefits of yoga are countless. One may not list down the benefits he/she gets out of yoga, as the result varies from person to person. Yoga is like a fluid that flows through the body and intensifies its effects over more practice. Therefore people learning yoga never get tired of it nor do they want to stop practicing it. In the fast paced lifestyle, there is the requirement of a gush of fresh air every evening. However after the day full of work, one never feels like practicing yoga as a regime. Therefore morning is considered to be the best time for practicing yoga. 

Meditation is yet another form of therapy which helps a person to gain emotional stability and peace of mind. But since yoga is also practiced by many people to keep their body in shape as well, we call yoga as a perfect package. The bodily actions and variations of breathing patterns etc. are few ways in which one can transform the physical exercise into mental training and effectively use them for emotional and psychological well being. 

Have you heard a person saying that he is perfectly healthy and devoid of all worries? These words are nowadays very rare to hear. Yoga has a direct connection with spiritual agility which makes a person fall in love with self and also makes him fall in love with others and the surrounding. Societal pressures are yet another reason why we tend to become mentally sick. Such imbalances disturb the personality as a whole and deform it to a completely new type. The spiritual dimension of yoga can never be ignored and one can never get separated for spirituality. 

Glory, fame, name, money and materialistic cravings have made human run after it since ages. Achieving a total emotional well being becomes nearly impossible when the mind is always filled with the anxiety of grabbing things and the fear of losing them as well. In such situations, yoga teaches self control and provides positive psychology which manifests a perfect life devoid of such worldly requirements. Being human beings, it is not possible to get rid of these things completely, however we can try our level best to reduce such reactions as in the long run nothing is going to stay with us forever. 

Yoga is not just a term; rather it is a complete lifestyle. Faulty lifestyle often leads to several diseases; therefore yoga practitioners practice it as a regimen which includes control over sleep, diet, exercise and relaxation. Yoga practice may not assure you to get rid of all your worries and transform you into a completely different person altogether. However, the regular practice of yoga as a therapy might help you to a long extent in building positive energy within yourself thereby discarding the negativities and failures met in life thereby improving the mental health.


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