So are you going out for a party tonight? If you are going to have drinks tonight, you may worry about getting a hangover later on. Having bad after effects of drinking too much is not a good feeling. You may spoil your next morning and there are chances that you spend the whole day on bed. This is the worst feeling after a hot and happening party.

So why don’t you take few precautions to avoid a hang over? We bring you some beneficial tips in three stages for avoiding a hangover.

FIRST STAGE – BEFORE PARTY: There are some basic things which can be followed before getting out for a party. These really help a lot in avoiding a hangover.

  • Eat fatty food: It is advisable to eat fatty food containing lots of butter and cheese. The oily and greasy food absorbs alcohol preventing a hangover.
  • Have a burnt toast: Consuming a burnt toast lessens the chances of a hangover.
  • Drink lots of Milk: It sounds childish but having milk before alcohol is beneficial in avoiding a hangover. Milk absorbs the alcohol and also strengthens your digestive system to cope with the high amount of alcohol consumed.
  • Have some anti-oxidants & vitamins: Vitamins and anti-oxidants are helpful in preventing a hangover.

SECOND STAGE – DURING DRINKING: Don’t worry if you have forgotten to take the precautions before the party. Here are some ways which should be followed during the party for avoiding a hangover.

  • Drink Water & Juice at intervals: You should drink as much glasses of water or juice between your drinks. Staying hydrated help a lot in preventing a hangover.
  • Choose what to drink: If you choose white wine, gin or vodka there are less chances of getting a hangover. Rum and other hard drinks are responsible for a very bad hangover.
  • Avoid Caffeine: Stay away with caffeine mixed cocktails for avoiding a hangover.
  • Go Slow: Try to drink slower and lesser for preventing a hangover later.

THIRD STAGE – AFTER COCKTAILS: So you have drank a lot and missed precaution before and during the party. We bring you the last stage of few steps to cure your hangover after the party.

  • Say Good Night: Sleep as much as you can for curing your hangover. A nice sleep is the best way to fight with the hangover. Drink a glass of lemon juice, switch off your mobile phone, darken you room and have a long sleep.
  • Drink Water: Keep drinking glasses of water and juice for staying hydrated.
  • Have ORS: Drink Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) to keep up with the loss of salt from your body during hydration.
  • Drink Coffee: Have cups of coffee at regular intervals. It helps in curing the hangover. It also prevents headache.
  • Eat Eggs & Nutritious Diet: Eating eggs has been found beneficial for curing a hangover. Try to have a boiled egg or an omelette in breakfast. Have nutritious fruits in the morning.


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