So, once again reached the time of month to feel all the uneasiness? Menstrual cycle can be really hard to handle sometimes. A strong wave of nausea, headaches, cramps, backaches can force you to lie in your bed for whole day. In fact the cramps in lower abdomen are one of the most common symptoms during menstruation. 

During a menstrual cycle, a simple process of shedding the old uterine lining to give way for a new one is followed. The cramps caused are basically due to the rhythmic contraction of uterus which helps in removing the blood and inner lining of uterus wall. However, there are certain home remedies that can work like a blessing in disguise to keep these cramps away without any side effects. Let’s take a look at some simple yet highly effective home remedies:-

  • Consuming papaya, before and during your periods can work wonders and help treating a lot of related issues. An enzyme “papain” present in the fruit especially raw papaya helps in easing off the flow during the cycle. Due its property to regulate the uterus muscular contraction, it thus helps in curing sever pain. 
  • Another fruit that is beneficial during the menstrual cycle is banana. A banana leaf or its flower cooked in oil or water when consumed with curd helps in relieving excess ache and cramps in stomach. 
  • Carrots, rich in Vitamin A and many other antioxidant nutrients is a wonder food. Good for your overall health, it helps in regulating the menstrual cycle and other menstruation problems. A good big glass of carrot juice can make you feel better in long run.
  • Aloe vera juice is one of an effective home remedy that assists in keeping the stomach pain in check. It can also be consumed with honey and further helps to ease off the flow.
  • Parsley extract or parsley juice combined with any vegetable juice is for those women suffer from irregular menstrual flow and excess stomach pain. This mixture is quite helpful in easing off the flow and acts as an effective menstrual cramp remedy.
  • Calcium in any form is effective in curing cramps. A glass of warm milk can always do the trick for you if you are suffering from excessive stomach ache. However, if you are allergic to lactose there are several alternatives available in form of chew tablets. 
  • Ginger with property of anti-inflammation is one of the best ways to ease off the stomach ache and cramps in lower abdomen. Consumption of concoction of ginger and water boiled together acts as an amazing pain reliever. 
  • Another effective home remedy to rid off the menstrual cramps is reduction of water and coriander seeds. It can be prepared with a ratio of 15-20 seeds of coriander per one glass of water. The concoction of the two should be reduced to half by boiling and allowed to be cooled down at room temperature. It might taste a bit bitter, for that you can add some sugar when consuming. This remedy is highly effective in reducing the excess flow and relieving from pain and is suggested to be consumed thrice a day.
  • The other menstrual cramp remedy is consumption of sesame seed in powdered form with hot water. It is excessively useful if you are anemic. It can either be simply eaten with water or can be boiled to form a concoction. You can consume it twice a day during your menstrual cycle.   
  • The simplest way to get relief from stomach pains and cramps is stay high on iron rich diet during menstruation. Due to excessive blood loss, foods like bananas, pomegranate, grapes, apples and spinach can work wonder.
  • Another simple way is hot shower bath. With concentration on your back and lower abdomen, hot water can relieve you from sever aches. A hot water bag can also be placed on the aching parts.
  • For instant relief from cramps, an application of lavender oil on your stomach can reduce pain in short time span of 10-15 minutes.

Home remedies being the safest option can do wonders in curing several health problems. During menstruation, these can provide you from instant remedy to remedies beneficial in long run. With following these few simple steps you can definitely get relief from the discomfort causing cramps and other menstruation problems.


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