There’s not a single person on earth who would deny his/her love for thick black hair but not every person can get all his desires fulfilled so it can’t be denied that having dark black hair has become a bit difficult. This is because it has been scientifically proved that the quality of hair is related to several factors like hereditary, environmental etc. Also as a person ages the melanin pigment of the hair decreases gradually thereby greying the hair. The greying of hair normally start at the age of 35. Gray hair is also said to be a symptom of stroke

Now all these factors cannot be kept spick and span, so to speak, one must take outside help in order to fulfil these deficiencies. Outside help might be medical help for some and home remedies for some. Many find medical help convenient but in the views of many home remedies are safer and more efficacious primarily because of the low side effects and cheap costs. There are many home solutions that people use and are very popular. These are easy to make because if you look at your kitchen there itself you’ll find many ingredients for making your home remedies.

One very popular home ingredient is amla (Indian Gooseberry). It is used in many hair care products. it makes the hair strong and also renders shine to it. This is arguably the most popular hair damage remedy. Many people eat it and many apply it directly to their hair for better result. Another very popular home ingredient is egg. It is applied on hair and then washed off, when used frequently it gives natural black colour to the hair. Egg makes the hair strong too because egg has protein in it. Fenugreek paste is also very popular; it is applied on the hair to prevent premature grey hair. Another very ancient yet very popular remedy is ghee, when applied regularly on hair, before washing it off; it gives a shine to the hair and also prevents premature greying.

Apart from these, there are other remedies too like massaging of coconut oil and lemon juice on the scalp of the hair. The ingredient although is important but it will be wasted if it is not applied appropriately on the scalp while massaging. Thus one must take special care while massaging. Curry leaves, boiled in coconut oil, when applied on scalp helps in stoppage of hair loss and in bringing back the hair pigmentation. Onion juice is a very useful home remedy in curing greying of hair and in giving a reddish tinge to it. It is a very well understood fact that the natural cycle of whitening of hair cannot be avoided but the premature greying of hair can definitely be curbed. This is safely possible only with the help of these home remedies, thus one must resort to these at the earliest instead of just lying back and watching the hair grow grey without doing anything about it.


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