The stretching of skin and regular change in body weight leads to ugly stretch marks. These stretch marks have become a major problem among many women as it prevents them to wear their favorite dress and go for sleeveless attires. Many do not want to go for surgical remedies for these problems as surgeries incur higher costs and it also leaves rather more stubborn stitch marks on the body. The most effective remedies to get rid of these ugly lines are hidden in our homes. Our kitchens contain all the medicaments one would need for a glowing and radiating skin. Therefore instead of to dermatologists and spending large moolah on their consultations charges for stretch mark solutions, the most efficient way to fight with stretch marks is through home remedies.  

Stretch marks are usually the after effects of pregnancy, weight gain, muscle gain from the body and sudden weight loss on the areas around our waist, buttocks, hips, breasts, arms, stomach, thighs etc. Few people also generate stretch marks owing to certain skin diseases. These look quite similar to scars, often painless and white in color. Home remedies do not guarantee to rule out these marks fully, but certainly to a great extent. Read on to discover the hidden secrets to remove stretch marks at your home. 

Vitamin E is considered to be a natural agent that helps repairing damaged tissues. A regular massage with oil enriched with Vitamin E will ensure to get rid of those unsightly marks off your skin. Vitamin E is even available in certain natural plants like aloe vera. The thick gelled part inside an aloe vera leaf contains that juice which is effective on stretch marks. You can also make a combination of Vitamin E capsules with Vitamin A capsules in a ratio of 3:2 and mix aloe vera juice and virgin olive oil to the concoction and prepare a thick paste to be applied on the skin. Home remedies also include the use of cocoa butter and shea butter on the affected area which is considered to be a good skin lightening agent. Several other essential oils like jojoba oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, lavender and chamomile oil are all good agents to help you get rid of the scars.  

Consuming natural foods is also a very effective way for stretch mark solutions. Fruits and vegetables contain necessary antioxidants and are considered as free radicals. Not only to remove stretch marks, but healthy fruits and veggies are also required for a naturally glowing skin. Protein is an essential content in our diet which is helpful in maintaining body weight. As body weight is a precondition for stretch marks, proteins are highly helpful in maintaining the body weight. Natural foods like oily fish, salmon, turkey meat, chicken, egg, mackerel, tuna and cod liver oils are very good for glowing skin. Nuts and fibers flush out the harmful toxins from the body. The presence of lipids and their coagulation beneath the skin can lead to clogging of pores. They are effectively removed by fibers and nuts. 

Stretch marks are most commonly seen after pregnancy and water therapy is considered to be an efficacious and most inexpensive way to rule out these. Water therapy is nothing but the consumption of large quantities of water per day. Regular exercises are the best home remedies for stretch marks. Learning new forms of exercise and putting extra effort on the affected area definitely helps reducing stretch marks. Exercise also helps to tighten the skin which seldom leads to stretch marks after pregnancy. Making a perfect regime for weight management and following it regularly is essential for battling with ugly stretch marks. The best time to start working for stretch marks is during the time when it is just beginning, because this is the time when you can prevent the overgrowth of these marks. Stomach crunches and straight leg raises are perfect exercises to lessen marks around these areas. Prevention is always better than cure. If you follow few simple steps then you can get rid of these unsightly lines at your home.


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