Who doesn’t want a perfect body? But sometimes, irrespective of being quite health conscious and eating oil-less foods, we tend to develop fats at certain areas of the body. These particular areas are called target zones where the excessive fat gets deposited.  

Buttocks, thighs, hips, arms and abdomen are the target zones where fat gets accumulated. For the overall toning of the body, equivalent exercise is required for each and every part. You cannot think of being slim with having a protruding belly or oversized thighs. But now you will be very happy to discover that there are certain target exercises which are specifically designed to work on the thighs and buttock areas. 

The reason behind these particular areas only accumulating fat is because these are the main storage areas of body fat, especially in women. With age, this problem seems to be rising among women. Sometimes it might drive the hell out of your patience to overcome these unwanted fats. But patience is what required for combating fat problems.

What are the different exercises one should do to reduce fat at butt and thighs?


Cardio is an important exercise which is to be added into your workout session. Cardio exercises are very fast and require rigorous workout for short time periods every day. To decrease the plump size of your butts, doing a cardio of high intensity is required. This exercise may last up to duration of 45-50 minutes in a single day and can be performed for 5-6 sessions in a single week.

Workout for thighs and butt will include sprint drills. It will require the person to start off the work at a lower intensity and settle down afterwards and then pick up again. This session can be done for 25 minutes. Track sprinting of 100 meters can also be done thrice a week to get fast results.


Dumbbells are like a savior when you need to shed extra kilos from a particular area.  If you do not have dumbbells at your place then need not worry. Two 2-liters filled water bottles would do the same trick. All you need to do is to carry one dumbbell in each hand and start straight. Try to get down with the dumbbells and with a straight posture and then try to get back to the original state. This exercise can be done 20-30 times in a single session. When you are beginner, always try to keep the crunches for short time. Afterwards the intensity and frequency can be increased.


 Perform lunges religiously every day. Start doing lunges for three times a week, which can be increased to doing four to five times in a week. This doesn’t require any weights to be carried or unnecessary pain in the shoulder. You can simple do this by making simple reps for number of times.


The toning program essentially means to follow healthy eating habits. You can follow a healthy diet and include fruits and leafy vegetables in it so that a proper diet is maintained. This will give you the required nutrition to the body without letting you to starve.   


Apart from several exercises to decrease fat, surgery can also be done. But it is the last way to try out for the removal of excessive fat deposited in the body. You can consider going under the knife when you are left with no other option. Sometimes these surgeries will provide immediate results but with some side effects. The surgeries are also quite expensive. Therefore before planning for a surgery, make sure you are ready for it fully.

Sometimes, excessive fat deposit at thighs and buttocks is also the result of genetic reasons. You cannot really do much if the fats in your body are hereditary. Of course you can lessen the fat for a certain time period but then their maintenance needs to be done for the entire life. If you want to achieve the perfect toned body, then start doing minor exercises before the right time. 


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