Traveling is one of the most inevitable parts of our daily lives. We can never detach ourselves completely from traveling as it is always there, be it because of need or owing to some work or an emergency. When we are traveling all by ourselves, we do not care much but only for safety and convenience. However this may not be the case when we are in a journey with elderly as they require a little more protection and safety becomes the first priority.

Travel can be an enthralling experience for every one of us if proper measures are taken. Ageing should never become an obstacle or hinder people from doing long distance travels if they are still capable to do so. Being an accomplice, it is always our duty to take care of the minute details and make the traveling experience equally enjoyable for the elderly as well. 

Majority of the aged population suffer from jet lag and problems relating to orthopedics. It is always essential to plan ahead keeping all these ailments in mind. The pre-existing medical conditions need to be properly understood and necessary remedies and preventive measures need to be carried out. There are certain tips which need to be followed while traveling as they can greatly reduce the last minute hurriedness or after effects. Few people also suffer from diseases like obesity, coronary heart disease, high and low blood pressure, diabetes and deep vein thrombosis which require proper medication. For such patients, there should be enough provision for medications. Few of the other traveling tips are listed down as below:-

  • Make a thorough research about the climatic factors of the destination.
  • Learn about the different medical facilities that will be available at the place of your travel. 
  • An arrangement for wheelchairs, walking sticks and seats need to be done well in advance.
  • You can always go for a packaged tour which covers all the required facilities including insurance.
  • Last but not the least; make proper insurance arrangements to recover back in case of any loss.

Luggage can never be got rid of. Therefore, it is always advisable to limit the luggage to a certain level so that it doesn’t become a burden during long distance travels. Moreover if you are traveling in flights, then make sure that you have the medicines and tablets handy in your handbag. Some medications may not be available overseas, therefore take plenty of those so that you never fall short of it, if consumed or lost. During journeys, money is one of the key factors and a pricey possession which needs extra concern. Always make sure that you pack an extra dummy wallet with your elderly, so that he/she can utilize it whenever in need. It is always advisory to make a list of different medical details in a sheet of paper and keep the same along with the passport in the essential documents bag. Keep all the essential documents in a mini hand bag which has many chambers and can be carried as a waist belt.  

In case you are traveling with the aged for attending a family gathering, then there is mixed feeling of excitement and anxiety. If there are large gatherings, then proper accommodation facility is the first consideration. In case of family functions like marriages, special accommodation with surplus stock of medicines is always beneficial.

If the aged person you are traveling with is handicapped, then always make sure to check in for the handicapped discounts and go for the benefits provided by the Government for such people. Such senior citizens are provided extra care and concern and separate chambers for checking-in are available for them. Wheel chairs and special stalls are made available to them in the airport. 

All the above mentioned preventives are very essential as tips while traveling. If you make proper arrangements and remain a little alert, then a stress free journey can be guaranteed with the elderly. 

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