A healthy body leads to a healthy lifestyle and happy mind. The growing pressure in the work field, fast paced lifestyle and unhealthy food habits have ultimately given birth to internal organ ailments. Wellness starts from self and maintaining good health is a part of wellness. Liver is an organ which is often regarded as the second most vital part of the body after heart. Nearly all the major features of the functioning of the body are handled by this organ, namely, blood circulation, metabolism, detoxification, hormone regulation and most importantly excretion. A healthy liver is also responsible for the formation and break down of important complexes such as glycogen and albumin. Damage of liver is exacerbated by stress and unhealthy eating habits. Consumption of alcohol is yet another toxicant. By following few simple steps and with a little care you can achieve a great metabolism by a healthy liver. Good liver health can be achieved by good eating habits that include lot of green leafy vegetables and other nutritious foods. 

Drinking plenty of fluid is important for the proper functioning of the liver. Consuming as much as 2 liters of water is considered to be a healthy practice. Fruit juices, milk, lemon tea and green tea are also good for liver health as they contain anti-oxidants and protein. Fiber is considered as a great catalyst in the process of detoxification. Fibers actually make the metabolism faster and more efficient by wiping out fats and toxins out of the body. Below are few food items mentioned which are best for maintaining liver health and to provide the readers an insight with the work each food item does.


Lemon is a great fruit, more popularly known as the king of citric fruits. The alkaline content of lemon helps stimulating the liver. The substantial amount of Vitamin C present in the lemons synthesizes toxins into certain substances that are easily absorbed by water and eradicated from the body through urination and sweating.


Though many don’t know this, garlic is also a food for liver. The presence of allicin in the liver is an antioxidant effectual that is responsible for flushing out toxins from liver. This strong herb finds good place in kitchens and also one of the favorite spices for rich foods.


Walnuts are costly and very much effective for a good liver. The presence of omega-3 fatty acids and glutathione in it are an aid to maintaining good health. These nuts can be consumed in form of snacks as well. 

Whole grains:

Brown breads, brown rice and whole wheat gram are considered to be healthy foods for your liver as they are rich in fiber. Proper liver function, metabolism and decongestion are all aided by whole grains.   


Green leafy vegetables are friends of your liver. Spinach is a great antioxidant believed to be absorbing toxins flowing in the blood stream. The high content of green pigments in spinach is a good food for liver.    

Olive Oil:

Olive oil if consumed in small proportions on a daily basis will prove to be a good cleanser for the liver. The lipid contents taken in our meals turn out with harmful clogging agents. These contents are efficaciously removed by the olive oil which is a part of salad dressing. 


Turmeric is a very well known Indian spice and widely used in almost every kitchen of India. Flushing out toxins and cleansing of liver is an essential feature of this herb. The active enzymes present in turmeric also acts as a good healing agent. 

Apart from the aforementioned healthy foods for your liver, though not totally avoidable, there are certain consumables that need to be taken in small fractions. Salt is an essential part of food without which no type of food can be prepared. But the amount of salt as a daily intake should be cut down to maintain a healthy liver. The various liver cleansing foods mentioned above should be consumed on a regular basis for the best results. 


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