Allergies are very common illnesses in today’s world. With the increase in the amount of pollution from day to day, the different types of allergies are also increasing. Millions of children suffer from various types of allergies. The parents need to deal with child allergies very seriously. Otherwise it might lead to a lot of problems when the child grows up.

Allergies cause quite a nuisance in the lives of children and make life difficult for them. This illness takes place due to the over reaction of a person’s immune system to some substances. These substance might be absolutely harmless for other people. The reaction of the immune system of the body is quite strange as it treats the allergen as something harmful for the body. The immune system of the body releases certain chemicals which include histamine. These chemicals start causing the allergic reactions in the patient’s body. Allergy can cause extreme discomfort to a person especially if it’s a child. The allergy keeps taking place again whenever the body is exposed to the allergens.

Causes of allergy can be varied. Often it so happens that a child inherits the allergy from his or her parents. However, usually the allergy takes place due to the airborne substances. Dust mites cause the most common form of allergy known as dust allergy. Many children suffer from pollen allergy. Whenever they are exposed to the pollen grains flying in the air they get affected by allergy. Many types of fungi growing indoors as well as outdoors are the cause of allergy in some cases. Allergens can also be transferred from the pet bodies and cockroaches. Food allergy is a very common type of allergy. People suffering from this allergy start exhibiting the symptoms whenever they eat that particular food. Sea foods and eggs are the common foods which are known to cause allergies.

Diagnosis of allergies is a very easy job. The doctors can understand the occurrence of allergies from the visible symptoms itself. In case of air borne allergies, the child will suffer from nasal congestion, sneezing and coughing. The food allergy exhibits itself through the rashes that take place on the body of the child. In case a parent wants to know if his child suffers from any allergy or not, then he can undergo a skin test under the supervision of an allergist. This particular test is very effective in common cases of allergies that take place in the children. However in certain cases, the child might suffer from very serious kind of allergy. In that case the doctors prefer to carry out a blood test. The blood test ensures that the allergens are not exposed to the air.

Treatment of child allergies do not exist as such. The thing that is of paramount importance is that the parents must educate the child so that he is alert not to expose himself to the allergen. The parents must clearly make the child understand the possible reactions that might take place as a result of the allergies. Certain precautionary measures must be taken at all times. The teachers and other people with whom the child spends time must be informed about the allergy the child suffers from. The parents must ensure that the pets are not allowed to enter the child’s room. It would be better to avoid having pets in case the child has pet allergy. The rooms must be kept clean from dust so that dust allergy is avoided. When the child goes outside, he can use a smoke mask to filter the air he breathes. The Windows must be kept closed to prevent the pollen allergens from entering the room. The rooms must be kept dry and clean in case the child suffers from the mold allergy. Injectable epinephrine can be advised by the doctors to keep close at hand in case a child shows excessive tendency to have allergy. The epinephrine will help in countering the effect of the allergens.

The allergies taking place in the kids must be dealt immediately. Otherwise it might take a dangerous shape in the future and cause tremendous discomfort to the child.


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