With new fashion trends roping in and size zero moving out of the picture, it’s about time that all the women flaunt their voluptuous bodies. Gone are the days when you had to hide your curves under baggy and layers of clothes. This is the time to accentuate and embrace the woman inside and outside of you. Here are some tips to help you dress up in a manner that you would look sexy, classy and tasteful:

  1. Categorize your body type: Before you begin to choose your wardrobe, it is very important to know and understand your body type. This will guide you through what is best and the worst clothing for you. There are primarily four types of body- apple shaped(bust is 3-4 inches bigger than hips), rectangular(waist and hips are of the same size), pear shaped(hips are 3-4 inches bigger than bust) and hour glass shape(hips and bust are same with narrow waist). 
  1. Pinch your middle-section: It is best to create a break at the waistline which is usually the narrowest part. Try teaming up your clothes with belts and pinch tops. If you are a rectangular type, this method will create delusion of curves. In case of hour glass and pear shaped types, this is sure to accentuate your curves beautifully. If you are apple shaped(thick waist), prefer long tops, tunics or drapes to hide your unwanted curves.
  1. Lengthen your lower body: It is usually complimenting and sexy if you have long legs. And you can do this for any body type. The trick is to pick the right wear. For the apple and rectangular shapes, skinny pants and dazzling tights work best. For the pear shaped, straight jeans work magic paired along with heels. 
  1. Outline your bust: The apple and hour glass types should always hold up their ample bust with supportive bra. The pear and rectangular types can go for the push bras to enhance their bust. V-necks are really flattering and make you stand out. Teaming up the v-necks with necklaces might be a bold move. Try bracelets for a more subtle look.
  1. Friendship with colors: One needs to know the colors that will dazzle your look for any occasion. Keep your colors bright at the parts which you wish to flaunt or accentuate. Don’t hesitate from trying to mix and match. But don’t overdo it, as well. For the unwanted curves that you want to hide, choose darker shades of colors on those parts. And don’t choose to gaudy colors for a simple event or day to day outing. Choose different patterns once in a while to add an edge to your wardrobe.
  1. Keep your comfort at the top: Nothings suits you best than your confidence. Pick clothes which make you comfortable and confident. If you have a good body, flaunting it all the time may not be preferable. Add up your own flavor and style in your clothes. But don’t run back to the baggy clothes just because you feel comfortable in them too. 
  1. Proportions are the key: If you have broad shoulders, avoid wearing tubeless tops or dress as they will make your waist look tiny. Similarly, avoid wearing short tops if you have a large tummy. Remember, accentuating your curves works best if you keep your weaknesses hidden and flaunt your strengths.
  1. Guideline Diagrams: This is more of a statistical approach to clothing effectively. Commonly, the fashion magazines feature such charts and diagrams which help you understand what and what not to wear. It is wise to follow these diagrams but again, keep your own style intact. Remember, you don’t want to dress up like twenty other women in a same party!
  1. Embrace the short: If you feel that nothing works well for you because you’re short, you’re wrong. However, you need to be a little cautious of what to avoid. The long length clothes such as full-length clothes are sure to bog you. Go for shorts, mini dresses and cropped jackets which will present you in right proportions. Vertical stripes and plain colors are also known to work the trick. And you can always go for the heels. 

Dressing always has been a thing of comfort, confidence and style. These are simply some tips to help you dress better. But at the end of the day, you should wear what you feel like and what you can carry well in your own unique way. Embrace your inner woman and the world will be at your footsteps.

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