Love has always and inevitably been in the air. The ‘falling in love’ part has never been difficult. It is like a magic trick. You work your charm on one person who is awed by your personality in a way no one else is. The trickier part, however, is to maintain that relationship over time and keeping the happiness quotient intact just like it was when you first met. Time and technology has taken its toll on even the best of people and it has become hard to keep up with the expectations of our loved ones. However, here are some secrets which will help you strengthen your relationships and make you and your partner happy as before:

  1. Think beyond the fairytale mode: It isn’t always possible for a couple to be in the dreamy and surreal state it was once when they started. Slowly, the infatuation fades and turns into a much more mature and romantic bond. After some time, what matters most is to give importance to each other. And for that, the rainy walks and surprise roses aren’t necessary. So, expecting your story to go on forever like Cinderella is a bit too much.
  1. Nourish your companionship: A relationship needs to be watered regularly like a plant in the garden. Without care, it will wilt and eventually die. A relationship needs your attention every now and then. It is a piece of painting on which you have to keep drawing so that the paint doesn’t run dry. Sorting the problems as soon as they arise is a very important factor in determining the future of your relationship. This way your partner also feels significant and loved.
  1. Give your time: There is nothing that works in a relationship more than you being with partner. And that means some alone time- no kids, no parents and definitely no work. Spending some quality time together every now and then helps you get in touch with what’s going on in your partner’s life. You can help him/her in their troubles and console them in their sad times. The greatest gift you can give any person is time. So, make some time for your special one.
  1. Keep a little distance: Having said the above point, it is also important to be separate at times as this helps you grow as an individual without the help of your mate. Also, the feeling of missing your partner when you’re away augments your love for them manifold.It is seen that when you get back together after some time, you feel more connected and more in love.
  1. Embrace the odds: It is rightly said, “The opposites attract each other”. However, when you go a long way in a relationship you start finding these habits annoying. But just think, your partner also finds you different from them. It is important to look at these differences in a constructive light and help each other to improve and grow to be a better person. Who knows, you may fall in love again with those odd little opposites.
  1. Agree to disagree: Think this through, you and your partner are normal human beings with some issues and viewpoints. And there are some things on which you and your partner might never agree, for example having a dog in the house. Such times call out for compromise. Rather than wasting your time and energy over arguing, try and understand the point of your partner and compromise. After all, compromises are a part of life. And you can’t expect a relationship to work without a little stepping back. 
  1. Listening is the key: Communication is the biggest invention humans have ever made. And it is the biggest survival factor for a relationship, as well. Avoiding talking to your partner amplifies the gaps between you two and things just take a fall down henceforth. But talking, in fact listening more than talking can mend broken hearts in seconds. Listen to your partner patiently. And try to sympathize with them which will make them understand your point better. Remember, listening can be the biggest medicine sometimes.
  1. Don’t take your partner for granted: This is one thing due to which most relationships suffer. Make your partner feel special whenever possible. A little note saying ‘I love you’ or a once in a while bedtime tea are some simple things that add spark and life to your love. Keep reminding yourself what you have in your hands and that you don’t want to lose it. 

Love is the most beautiful feeling you’ll ever feel. So, if you have someone in your life whom you love and who loves you back, every battle is worth fighting for them. Try to inculcate these secrets in your life and hopefully, you’ll be happily together for the next sixty years. 

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