What would you probably do if you get some magic potion that will help you to lose weight instantly? Interestingly, no such potion exists. For every achievement you need to work hard, without which nothing is possible on the earth. But this article will uncover some basic tips that will help you to lose your body fat, though not drastically but to a much large extent without the burden of painstaking exercise regimens. 

It is not a hidden fact that in order to lose weight you need to cut down the extra calories from the food. It is high time being cavalier about the food you usually eat. Unhealthy food habits such as the consumption of ice creams, chocolates, deserts, junk food and fried foods need to be checked instantly. Junk foods can be replaced with fruits and yogurt which not only has fewer calories but is also favorable for digestion.

Few tips to help you burn calories without exercise are mentioned below:


 Increase the intake capacity of water. If your stomach is filled with water then you will tend to feel less hungry. Water also helps in the blood circulation and maintaining a correct metabolism. The consumption of water never brings harm to the body; therefore it can be taken up in extra amounts each day.

It is always beneficial to drink some water before going for a meal. If your stomach is half filled previously then you will tend to eat less. Water is also beneficial when consumed in a little warm state. Luke warm water with few drops of honey and lemon consumed every morning works wonders for the body. The results can be noticed after few days.


Not exactly half, you can eat up to filling your stomach to maximum 85%. It is always recommended not to eat full stomach meals every day. You can take the required serving in your plate which will not make your stomach fuller. Moreover, in spite of three heavy meals in a day, you can cut down your meals to several portions. Eating for six to seven times in a day will be more helpful than the other.


Every time you eat something, make sure that you chew it properly and take lots of time to finish it. In between, you can sip some water and can hook up with a conversation with a friend. By the time you have finished your food from the plate, your stomach is nearly full and you do not want to consume more.


Activity level just refers to a little bit of walking and brisk jogs after meal. After having your lunch in the office, take a walk in the premises. When you are at home, try and stick to a strict regimen of brisk walking after the dinner. This activity is not rigorous and on the other hand it will help you to control your diet without exercising. 


Maintaining a balanced diet is the mantra. If you are consuming a balanced and nutrition-rich food then you need have to worry about exercising every other day. Some people fail to understand the basic difference between dieting and starving. While the former means to eat healthy, the latter refers to keeping the stomach empty for long hours. The thin marginal line between dieting and starving the body should be checked.  


When you are continuing a strict diet plan, make few excuses to yourself. Try and cheat yourself at least once in week. Consume some street food, have few burgers and gorge into your favorite chocolate pastry- but everything in a single day. A negligible amount of fat is after all required for the body. Moreover you will get motivated with your plans and continuing doing so and wait for that particular day in the week, which will be more than exciting.

Exercising for health is the age old notion. One needs to exercise not just to lose fat but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But the above tips can certainly help you to balance your body to a certain extent.


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