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Travelling is more than just a mere hobby; it becomes a lifestyle for some, a dream for others. Even the want for travel broadens our horizons as we meet more people, learn of their cultures. The love for travelling can grow at a tender age. This helps children get exposed to different people and adjust better, regardless of where they may be. Travelling is an important experience that children need to be open to. 

Travelling with children, especially, at a young age can be quite difficult for parents. The best way to ensure that your child engages in your vacation is to make sure that the trip is planned to their interests. Children enjoy engaging in activities that require a lot of energy. At the same time they do not enjoy being on schedule (least of all on a holiday). It is best to plan a trip where in there are a lot of activities to take part in around the hotel or resort itself. This way, there’s plenty to do, with little planning. Swimming is a popular activity. Places near beaches or hill stations are popular destinations for such holidays. There are places where you can hire bikes and teach the children how to ride them along the mountain paths. Kids also enjoy activities involving animals. Amusement parks like the famous Sentosa Island in Singapore and the Jim Corbett national park are the perfect examples of such holidays. Children can learn to love animals as well as enjoy the beauty of being close to nature. Places with expanse of land that children can explore are also exciting. Activities that may appear to be silly, like going to meadows and rolling down slopes, are very enjoyable. Childhood is all about that sort of silliness. 

It’s the very same reason most historical places should be avoided, unless your child genuinely enjoys history. There is more to observe quietly, rather than actually do. Crowded places like cities and shopping destinations are not a good idea either. There are issues with safety, to begin with. But besides that, children do not like to be held on to, whether or not it is for their own safety. Even places that attract more of the young adult crowd are better avoided because children wouldn’t find much to do amongst them. 

These are a few tips that you should keep in mind while planning a trip with children.

  • Plan the trip ahead of time to make sure the tickets are cheap. Get the schedule of the holidays they have from school. 
  • The mode of transport is very important too. Travelling by planes can be quite suffocating for a lot of children, but it is better to get used to it from a young age. Children who fly frequently eventually get used to such conditions. In this day and age, air travel has become a necessity. Travelling by car is another habit that should be conditioned in children. Many children suffer from motion sickness, it is better to make sure that they learn how to handle this before they grow older.
  • It shouldn’t be too taxing on them. Plan the journey in such a way that the day you arrive your destination, the children shouldn’t be too tired to do anything.
  • While planning what to pack, children should be supervised. Often, they insist on taking several useless things. Make it clear to them that they should carry only those things that they require.
  • Children should be encouraged to known the places that they travel to. They should be urged to read up on it, that way engaging them to the place. In fact, often, parents consult the children themselves on where the family should travel.

Travel is an experience that not only broadens children’s minds, it also helps strengthens parental relationships. It is time spent bonding with the family, without work or school getting in the way. Keeping an album of all the family holidays is a good idea as it help keep the memory afresh. You return home with fond memories of the holidays and share them time and again, maintaining such strong bonds.


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