Many people don’t understand the necessity of revitalizing and rejuvenating activities. You might be busy with your work schedule but it is essential that you squeeze some quality time out of your schedule and indulge yourself in many interesting recreational activities such as trekking. Trekking is a thrilling adventure undertaken on foot in regions where there would be no availability of transport facilities. For professional trekkers, it is a thrilling journey and they go for fun. Trekking at high passes is not an easy task as the trail makes the tourists wander amidst several challenging twists. However, if you have the right equipment and take care of few common things, trekking is going to be an amazing adventure in your life.

It is essential to carry the right kit while trekking since it is an adventurous journey and might turn out to be risky as well, if necessary precautions are not undertaken. Below are few things which are to be taken while trekking:


It mostly includes: 

  • Sleeping mats.
  • Shoes that can also sustain rough terrain for around 25kms at a stretch. 
  • Sleeping bags, Backpacks and hiking boots.
  • A Rucksack wherein you can stuff many things in it.
  • Raincoat with hood is very essential and it should be in such a way that it can be worn with a rucksack.
  • Instant adhesive/glue tubes.
  • Prefer watch alarm instead of phone alarms since it is essential to save your mobile battery while trekking. You can also switch off your mobile phones.
  • Carry an outdoor waterproof tent as well.
  • Additional shoe laces.
  • Carry Swiss knives which can be used as an opener, knife and scissor as well.
  • Two or three pairs of socks if your foot gets wet frequently or you can bring moisture absorbing hiking socks as well. Carry slippers as well so that you can walk around while relaxing.
  • Make sure that you carry a torch so that you can continue trekking even after sunset.
  • You should be comfortable with your clothes. Prefer cargo along with a jacket instead of woolens. Wearing a jacket can make you feel more comfortable even at extreme weather conditions.


Toiletry kit includes:

  • Toilet paper.
  • Sanitizer, liquid soap/ shampoos. Ensure that they are packed in plastic bottles.
  • Moisturizer, deodorant, hair oil etc.
  • Sunscreens to avoid suntan or sunburn and protect you from harmful UV rays.
  • Sunglasses 
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush kits


It mostly includes:

  • Energy drinks such as glucose, salt and sugar solutions etc which can help replenish your body with nutrients. Ensure that your energy drinks are packed in leak proof bottles. 
  • Carry two to three bottles of water as well. Don’t carry more than you need as it can increase your baggage. Plan ahead and decide what you can carry.
  • Nuts, Snacks which are abundant in essential vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates can provide instant energy and stamina to trek for long hours. Carrying junk food can’t assist you while trekking. So prefer taking nutritious food. Carry fruits and snacks which are abundant in proteins and carbohydrates. Carry chocolates, dried fruits such as raisins as well. A combination of all these foods can help you stay energized throughout your trek.
  • Match boxes or lighters which can help you cook while you halt at some place on the way.


Camera kit includes 

  • Camera with an extra lens. 
  • Ensure that your camera works well. 
  • Memory cards with extra storage space. 
  • Carry pen drives, card readers as well so that you can transfer your pictures and other data from your memory cards.
  • Make sure that you carry multiple batteries that are fully charged.


Make sure that you carry a first aid kit for any minor medical emergencies. Carry medicines which are essential as ill health can ruin your fun while trekking. If you have any kind of allergies or need any kind of special medication, consult your doctor before you travel and carry all the prescribed medicines.

Your kit should include:

  • Medicines to cure body ache, cuts, injuries, fever, diarrhea, muscle pain, sprains, medicine for burns etc. 
  • Carry Zeolin which can be used to kill germs in water.

The above discussed list is fully comprehensive and might vary upon the terrain you choose to trek, weather conditions, topography and the number of people accompanying you. Ensure that you drink lots of fluids, energy drinks and water to remain hydrated.  You might also take training before trekking. Practice training with the weights you carry while trekking. Ensure that your body is equipped for this thrilling adventure. Maintain a healthy diet, sleep well and also keep your body moving without getting exhausted. Prepare yourself and your body in such a way that your body and muscles stay refreshed which can in turn give you the best advantage while trekking. 

Moreover, trekking backpacks are different from the regular ones as they have padded shoulder straps along with a couple of extra straps, one around your stomach and one around your chest. For those of you trekking for many days and a campaign in between, there are backpacks that are structured with metal rods which can protect your back when you carry extra luggage. Hence, you can carry all these essential things in your trekking backpack. Trekking can be fun when you take care of yourself and adhere to the above mentioned list and plan accordingly.


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