The healthy breakfast means the healthy you!! Do you agree with this; well the doctors definitely do. Choosing right breakfast can be as important as choosing the right colour of tie for your suit. With healthy morning meal, you can be up and active whole day. It also helps in keeping your tummy full till the lunch time keeping your weight in check. However, preparing breakfast keeping in mind its taste, nutrition value as well as time constraint is not an easy task. With so many options available in the market from cereals to oats and porridges, we are trying to list here, the 5 most healthy options you could opt for your breakfast without being guilty and staying healthy as well.  


What better than eggs, just give a crack and get going. It is one of the most versatile ingredients for breakfast. Power packed with proteins, eggs can be prepared in any number of ways you can think of. But aren’t we talking about healthy breakfast? So it really matters the way we are cooking them and what accompanies these eggs into our stomach. You could opt for scrambled eggs with lots of vegetables or just the boiled eggs with brown bread. It is definitely a good source of healthy breakfast. However, the best part with eggs is that without wasting the time to think and to prepare, you can be done with your breakfast before you know it. How convenient!!

Broken wheat upma

What is a better way than to start your day with a yummy Indian breakfast! Apart from traditional semolina upma, its variation with broken wheat is another healthier option. Rich in fiber content, the upma can make for taste as well as health. Adding the vegetables like carrots and green peas can give a punch to a dish, boosting its nutrition value in form of vitamin A. However, you can enjoy your food more when it is prepared in the matter of no time.
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Stuffed parathas

One of the traditional North Indian breakfasts, parathas are extremely convenient to make and equally convenient to eat. However when talked about its healthier version, what’s better than a stuffed paratha teamed up with low fat yogurt. A paratha with a filling of any vegetable is highly nutritious accompanied by low fat yogurt can do wonders to your health. And benefits of yogurt are not hidden from anyone. Known to be a healthy probiotic, its properties are such that it helps ward off the gastrointestinal disorders to obesity and gum disease. A perfect example of healthy food with high nutritional value, parathas are definitely mouth watering!!


Always considered as a good source of healthy breakfast, porridge is rich in fiber. However, what we don’t realize are the benefits of this wonder food. Apart from keeping the sugar level on control, porridge also helps to control appetite and thus keeping in check the proteins in our muscles. After a fast of almost eight hours during the night’s sleep, porridge provides us with a protein rich diet which is must for our body. It is also a boon for diabetic patients as it also helps to lower the cholesterol. By adding various fruit to it, you can further increase its nutritional value. Sprinkling some dry fruits adds the zing to it and one ups its nutritive value.

Poha/Rice Crispies

The Indian version of Rice crispies i.e. poha is extremely nutritious form of breakfast. Easy to make and high on nutritional value, it is equally good for your digestive system. Best enjoyed with curry leaves and turmeric powder, the addition of vegetables like carrots and peas further enhance its taste and makes it a healthier option. Addition of Ground nuts gives this light delicacy an extra crunch with additional benefits of antioxidants and other nutrients. Quite popular in every Indian household, the recipe of this dish may vary and so does its nutritional value.

The options are several but the idea is to have healthy breakfast with high nutritional value that helps you to stay strong and built great stamina. In fact it is suggested that the morning meal should be the heaviest especially after the fast of almost 8 hours long sleep. An important meal of the day, never miss breakfast and begin your day with a boost of energy!!

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