Who doesn’t want a healthy lifestyle? Food habits that are decent and acquired over a long time period is something which is always desirable. However food cooked once cannot be preserved for more than few stipulated number of days. There are number of food storage options which have evolved within the last few years and have led to the effective storage of different foods for long time periods.

The different types of food available in the market nowadays range over from the ‘ready to eat packages’ to ‘prepare yourself’ ones. The former ones can be stored over in chilled air tight containers and packets for days long while the later ones are storage sensitive and need to be consumed within 2-3 days.

Often in our daily lives, we commit the mistake of trying to store foods for a bit longer time period. And sometimes it so happens that food items are stored in the wrong way. Read on the article to discover the major food storage mistakes we usually commit in our day to day lives.


As normal human beings, it is our tendency to pile up food products of different types. While shopping at the super market, we do not pay heed to what we are piling up in the shopping cart and keep on loading stuffs which we don’t even like. It is always better to sort out the things and buy only those items which are required on a daily basis. 

Storing for longer periods and planning ahead is a good habit. However if you are buying 60-days supply in a single go and do not consumer even a one-third of it, then you may incur loss as well. Food stored in sealed containers can be stored for longer time. But then consuming it before it gets expired is also necessary.


Planting trees is always fun and always adds to the freshness of the environment. Therefore if you have adequate space and time permits you then it is recommended to start planting your own food stuffs at your backyard so that you can have them any time you want in a day, fresh and green.

While this point doesn’t come under a storage habit, its long term benefits are linked with it. Fresh veggies from the backyard are often preferred over those stored with preservatives for a longer time.


This habit needs to be checked upon as you cannot keep all your food items in the same corner of your house forever. Natural calamities do happen and if it does, then all your food is washed off in a single go. So it is always recommended to place food in different parts of the house. Sometimes it is even more intelligent to store little food stuff somewhere out of the house so that they can be reached whenever required.

 This habit is sometimes difficult to practice, but definitely helpful when in danger.


Sometimes we tend to refill our old buckets of food and old jars of jams and cream. This practice is as odd as consuming an expired product. Rotating the supplies will ultimately keep the old food in it forever and vitamin rich foods will lose their quality. Therefore new food if bought earlier should be kept in a different jar.

With the plethora of time and work stress, we often don’t get any time to cook our own food on a daily basis. In such situations, ready to eat mealsbecome a boon for us. But these foods can be kept only in air tight and chilled environment. Ensuring their storage place is also necessary.

In all these hype of over storage and preservation, the organic substances in food get destroyed. So keeping an eye over maintaining the standard and quality of the food in one hand and consuming the same before time on the other hand is required. When these simple mistakes of food storage habits are changed, healthy lifestyle can also be maintained.


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