Bus travel can be tiresome on most occasions. The travelers must take extra care to ensure that they make themselves comfortable during the journey. The tips for comfortable bus travel are mentioned below. These tips have been suggested based on very practical experiences.

All tourists around the world, must have found bus travel to be tiresome at some point of time or the other. They avoid traveling by buses to avoid the discomfort likely to e caused. It is very important for the tourists to keep certain things in mind before traveling by bus. These preparations will help them in making their journey quite comfortable.

Planning and preparation

This is probably the most important part before embarking on any journey. The better the planning and preparation, the better is the execution of the same. The tourists must make sure that they have packed every item on their list for the tour in advance. This prevents last minute hassels or prevents the tourists from getting stressed out during the journey.

Packing a mini back pack

It always helps to have a spacious bag during bus travel. The tourists can pack in more stuff. The energy bars and energy drinks packed in the bag always come in handy during the tiresome journey.

The flip flops

During long bus travel, everyone likes to relax themselves by getting rid of their shoes and wearing flip flops. However it is not advisable to wear the flip flops when the air conditioning in the bus is very strong.

Travel pillows

For long distance bus travels, travel pillows come in very handy. It helps the travelers to catch a quick nap and relax themselves. This is a very important thing which helps in the comfortable journey by bus.

Cash at hand

Just as tourists are advised to have some cash at their hand while traveling to any place, a bus travel can be made more comfortable by having some cash close at hand. It helps to buy some food and drinks on the way.

Take a safe route

One very important thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the bus travels on a safe route. Traveling on a risky route can be dreadful, especially during the night time.

Getting a good seat

A good seat is half the battle won towards having a comfortable bus travel. It is always better to opt for a middle seat. The jerking of the bus is felt the least at the middle of the bus. The bus accidents that have taken place affect the front and rear seats he most. Some people prefer to have a window seat while some people prefer the aisle one.

A first class ticket

For people who can afford to buy a first class ticket, must always go for one. The comfort ability factor of the first class seats makes the journey even better and more comfortable.

Keep the money at different places

All travelers should keep in mind the basic financial tip for them. They should hide their money and other valuable items at different parts of their bag. In case a theft occurs, then only a small part of a traveler’s money will be stolen. He will not be in trouble during his trip.


The earplugs help the bus travelers to be in a comfortable state of mind mentally. They are able to shut off the external noise and disturbances. Thus, the tourists do not get a headache during travel.

The useful medicines

The tourists find it difficult to acclimatize with the weather conditions of the places they are visiting. The medicines for the common illnesses are to be kept in hand in case of an emergency need.

Use the toilets

The tourists should use the public toilets during the stopovers of the journey. This will prevent them from facing an uncomfortable situation otherwise.

Thus we see that the tourists can make their bus travel comfortable by following the basic tips for comfortable bus travel.

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